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About Federated Vending

There are generally two ways to get a vending machine for your office or business. One option is purchasing a vending machine and self stocking. The second option is partnering with a full-service vending company like Federated!

Full-service vending companies are a common route when it comes to installing a vending machine for your office since they handle stocking, maintaining and inventory tracking leaving you headache and worry free!

Vending machines require someone to continuously restock them, maintain them, handle the logistics, food purchasing, as well as storage. And this is all before technical issues, such as faulty bill readers that all machines may run into. We understand you are extremely busy running your business and we are happy to take one more thing off your shoulders.

Full-service vending companies will save you all the headache of delivering, installing and setting up all your vending equipment. The vending service then maintains the machines and stocks them, usually weekly, depending on how often the machine empties. This leaves you headache free and allows your team to indulge in the break room snacks that they can enjoy throughout the day.

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Federated Vending

Federated Vending is vending services provider serving businesses in the Metro Atlanta area.

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